Food Futures – i en orolig tid on August 29

Food systems are globally vulnerable when it comes to crises, and in the wake of recent crises including COVID-19, extreme weather with droughts and floods, and the changing geopolitical situation particularly related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, this vulnerability has increased and become more apparent.

Creating food preparedness within the current food system, without simultaneously leveraging the opportunity to transition towards a more sustainable food system, risks inefficiencies as necessary investments and changes in behaviors, decisions, and methods within the food system may not reliably achieve both purposes. This, in turn, risks resource waste and unnecessarily high costs for the combined processes.

The Mistra Food Futures research program at SLU started in August 2020 with the overarching vision of creating a science-based platform to transform the Swedish food system into a sustainable, resilient system that delivers healthy diets.

As the program enters phase 2 on September 1st this year, we are delighted to invite both current participants and all those interested in the future of food to our conference Food Futures – i en orolig tid. This event will be an opportunity for researchers, current and new partners, stakeholders and policymakers to gather and reflect on and discuss the future of the Swedish food system, with a particular focus on food preparedness.

In addition to our own researchers and partners, we will have the opportunity to among others, meet and listen to Daniel Värjö, journalist at Sveriges Radio, Peter Alestig, journalist at DN and author, Olga Grönvall from Reformaten, Martin Allard, expert in total defense and civil preparedness, and the general Secretary in the Inquiry on a New Food Preparedness.

Thursday, August 29th, 08:30 – 12:00 & 12:00 – 19:00 at Norrlands nation, Västra Ågatan 14, Uppsala

The conference is divided into two parts. In the morning, we have an internal session with our researchers and partners, which transitions into an external conference at 12 PM with a joint lunch.


08.30 – 09.00 
Registration and fika

09.00 – 12.00
Point of departure and core features of phase 2 for Mistra Food Futures 

Where are we today and where are we heading?
Conference and workshop for all partners and researcher in Mistra Food Futures

12.00 – 13.00
Lunch and registration of new conference participants

13.00 – 17.00
How do we maintain a sustainable course in these turbulent times?
Daniel Värjö, climate and environmental reporter at Vetenskapsradion Klotet, will kick off by sharing his experiences and insights from his work as a journalist at Vetenskapsradion, Sveriges Radio.

Panel Discussion Led by Line Gordon, MFF
Participants: Martin Allard, expert in total defense and civil preparedness, Christina Nordin, Director General (JSV), Olga Gönvall, Reformaten, Peter Alestig, climate editor at DN and author.

What solutions do we see within Mistra Food Futures?
Panel med forskare och partners som delar med sig av nya upptäckter och relevant forskning: Helena Hansson, Per-Anders Hansson, Line Gordon, Hanna Karlsson-Potter, Therese Lindahl, Maria Hellström, Vivian Wei Huang, Sara Sundqvist, Näringspolitisk expert på Livsmedelsföretagen, Pia Lindeskog, expert på FHM.

17.00 – 19.00
Mingel session
Guest speaker: Dr. Fabrice DeClerck, Science Director, EAT

Internal guests (8.30 AM – 7 PM):

External guests (12 – 7 PM):