WP2 - Setting targets and identifying barriers.

The purpose of WP2 is to map and assess targets that have been developed today for the Swedish food system and to determine the targets that a sustainable and resilient food system must achieve. WP2 will also identify likely barriers to these targets and explore strategies to turn barriers into leverage points for change.

The research within WP2 will highlight which sustainability dimensions are in focus for the current targets in the Swedish food system, as well as what is missing. Furthermore, we contribute with an overview of which strategies that are proposed to reach the goals, as well as how effective they are deemed to be in dealing with the sustainability challenges.

Moreover, WP2 draws on scientific literature to formulate goals for food Sweden in the areas of environment and health. These goals are used by WP3 in the work of developing scenarios to reach the goals. Finally, in collaboration with WP3, we will identify barriers and strategies to reach the set goals.

Main research questions:

  • How effective are existing sustainability targets in the Swedish food system when it comes to reducing negative environmental impacts from production and consumption of food?
  • What are targets for a sustainable food system by 2045, where impacts from production and consumption stay within the planetary boundaries for food?
  • What are the biggest obstacles to achieving these goals?
  • What might strategies look like that turn these barriers into leverage points for change?