WP7 - Developing strategies for transformation.

WP7 addresses drivers of change perceived and employed by key food system actors and delivers evidence-based strategies for how these can be modified or enhanced, or fundamentally redesigned for rapid, transformative change at scale. We address e.g., drivers of change among primary producers, key processing and trade segments of the food system, and among consumers.

By addressing the research questions below, and by investigating the linkages between the different chain segments of the food system, the research in WP 7 aims to contribute to an accumulation of knowledge that can be leveraged for a transformative change of the food system.

Main research questions:

  • What are key motivators of consumers for changing food consumption towards more sustainable and healthier?
  • What are different drivers, enablers and barriers that exist among key processing and trade segments for engaging in measures to substantially improve the environmental performance of food available to consumers? 
  • What are different strategies employed by local governments that can ensure that public meals meet sustainability and health targets in turbulent times?
  • What are policy measures that have potential to shift food consumption towards more sustainable and healthier? 
  • What are key drivers and motivational factors for farmers to use more sustainable production practices, and what are economic consequences of adoption?
  • How can innovation function as a driver of change?