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In times of crisis – how do we keep the course towards sustainable food, water and forests?

The climate crisis and the biodiversity crises are two of humanity’s and history’s greatest challenges. We need to move to more sustainable societies and we need to do it now. But how do we continue and accelerate a long-term transition while suffering from other acute societal crises such as a global pandemic and war?

We are now going through a number of crises – the climate and environmental crisis, a global pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In addition to the inconceivable human suffering that war entails, it also clarifies society’s the immediate vulnerability linked to food and raw materials. Rising production prices lead to rising prices for consumers. Government subsidies are needed to handle the cost increases, at the same time as this risks locking us into old systems. How can society adjust to increased sustainability while being more vulnerable than ever as a result of acute crises? What does the latest research show? And how do the acute crises affect our long-term access to food, water and forests? These issues, and more, will be discussed with a fact-packed panel of representatives from the research programs Mistra Food Futures, Mistra InfraMaint and Mistra Digital Forest.


  • Ingrid Petersson, GD Formas and special investigator for the investigation A new food preparedness
  • Helena Hansson, Program Manager Mistra Food Futures
  • Therese Lindahl, Associate Professor, Mistra Food Futures
  • Magnus Arnell, Program Manager Mistra InfraMaint
  • Maria Wetterstrand, board member of Mistra Digital Forest
  • Sverker Danielsson, program manager Mistra Digital Forest
  • Moderator: Anna Jöborn, CEO, Mistra

New blog post

In times of crisis – how can we stay on course towards a more sustainable food systemA starting point is that we need to combine strategies for the transition to sustainability with strategies for preparedness and resilience, write Helena Hansson and Therese Lindahl in a new blog post for Mistra Food Futures: In times of crisis – how do we keep the course towards a sustainable food system?

When and where

I tider av kris – hur håller vi kursen mot hållbar mat, vatten och skog?
Time: Monday 4 July 2022 kl. 16.30-17.10
Arranged by: Mistra
Location: S:t Hansgatan 11, Gamla riksbanken

Please note that this event is arranged in Swedish.

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