Almedalen 2023 - Food, Consumption, Materials - How to achieve sustainable and healthy food systems

Mistra Food Future’s scenarios were the starting point for a seminar in Almedalen where Mistra STEPS, Mistra Environmental Nanosafety and Mistra Sustainable Consumption and Axfood, discussed how to achieve sustainable and healthy food systems.

Här kan du ta del av hela seminariet.

The seminar highlighted some of the programmes’ focus areas in the context of the food system, including sustainable plastics for both packaging and covering crops, nanomaterials to create packaging that is easier to empty so that food waste can be avoided, and policies to guide consumers’ food choices.

One conclusion from the discussion was that it is necessary to look at the whole and the place of the parts in complex systems, of which the food system is an example, and that research needs to continue with interdisciplinary perspectives and collaborations with societal actors to manage complexity.