Food as Industry, Food Tech or Culture, or even Food Forgotten?

In Mistra Food Futures’ report #1 “Food as industry, food tech or culture, or even food forgotten? A report on scenario skeletons of Swedish food futures” presents four alternative scenarios for the Swedish food system for 2045 in terms of climate, biodiversity and nutrition.

As we look into the future of the Swedish food system, we are confronted with substantial uncertainty and complexity. How will conditions for food production in Sweden change due to climate change, technological advancements and demographic developments? What type of food will today’s children eat when they are adults, and what will the children of 2045 eat? Where will our food come from; to what extent will it be grown on land, in oceans or manufactured in factories?

In this report, we present the skeletons of four scenarios of future Swedish food systems in 2045 for the MISTRA Food Futures programme. The scenarios demonstrate that there exists a variety of pathways that could achieve ambitious territorial and consumption based targets for Sweden’s food system, as related to climate, biodiversity and nutrition.

– By providing a structured way of thinking about the future, scenarios can be used to evaluate how current action and inaction can create alternative pathways and futures. Our hope as authors is that the scenarios, by spelling alternative pathways that all reach shared goals, could enable respectful dialogues among stakeholders with different perspectives on how the food system can develop, explains Line Gordon, researcher at Mistra Food Futures.


Line J. Gordon, Klara Eitrem Holmgren, Jan Bengtsson, U. Martin Persson, Garry D. Peterson, Elin Röös, Amanda Wood, Rakel Avlstad, Shyam Basnet, Anne Charlotte Bunge, Malin Jonell, Ingo Fetzer (2022).

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Mistra Food Futures Report #1. Food as Industry, Food Tech or Culture, or even Food Forgotten? A report on scenario skeletons of Swedish Food Futures.