Lessons learnt from the Evidence-based problem solving course

In spring 2022, the Evidence-based problem solving course was conducted as a pilot within the framework of work package 8, “Initiating Tranformation”, which is part of Mistra Food Futures. The course was led by Magnus Johansson, senior researcher at the Urban Development Unit, RISE. Magnus led the development of the course in close dialogue with a working group at the Department of Agriculture and Food at RISE.

– The overall objective of work package 8 is to support processes where results and lessons from the Mistra Food Futures research programme are translated into concrete changes in the food industry. Training programmes are one way. The purpose of the pilot was to test how a training course can be organised and implemented to initiate change processes,” says Maria Hellström.


Maria Hellström, Annika Kihlsted och Ann-Kristina Lind

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Mistra Food Futures report #15 Lärdomar från kursen Evidensbaserad problemlösning