Opportunities for PhD students at the Mistra Food Futures Academy

Mistra Food Futures Academy

Training young researchers, including research assistants, PhD students, and post-doctoral researchers, is fundamental in academic activity. To facilitate networking and professional development among the young researchers in the program, we initiated a researcher network about one year into the program, with targeted activities to promote collaboration and networking among the young staff members in the program, as well as to include young staff members in related projects.

The next step is the establishment of the Mistra Food Futures Academy. Mistra Food Futures phase two is organised around a group of PhD students and post-doctoral researchers, who will, with guidance from senior supervisors and mentors from both the academia and societal food system partners, conduct their PhD or postdoctoral training within the programme. In this way, we train the future food system researchers with much-needed interdisciplinary skills and competencies, thereby contributing to securing the supply of qualified researchers within sustainable food systems.

Join the Mistra Food Futures Academy and contribute to shaping the future of food systems research and innovation.

The Mistra Food Futures Program is a ground-breaking initiative aimed at fostering sustainability and innovation within the food system. Through collaborative efforts between academia, industry, and governmental authority partners, we are dedicated to address the complex challenges facing the food system and developing solutions for a more resilient and sustainable future.

Moving into the second programme phase, we will even more prioritize the training and development of young researchers, including research assistants, PhD students and post-doctoral researchers in both social and natural sciences. By providing opportunities for networking, professional development, and interdisciplinary collaboration, we aim to develop the next generation food system researchers. Welcome to apply.

Open PhD positions at SLU, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

PhD position in Agricultural and Food Economics with a focus on the food supply chain organization

PhD position in Agricultural and Food Economics with a focus on food system sustainability

PhD position in Sustainable sources for protein and fat in human consumption

PhD position in Energy management and carbon removal in the agri-food system

PhD student position in Sustainable nutrient management in food systems

Open PhD positions at Stockholm Resilience Centre, SRC

Will be published in August.