Parliamentary seminar on food strategy

We need to be able to produce food even in times of crisis. This was the theme of a well-attended lunch seminar at the Swedish Parliament, where Mistra Food Futures researchers Helena Hansson, Line Gordon and Ulf Sonesson had the privilege of sharing their research with politicians, officials, authorities, the food industry and interest organisations.

Linked to Mistra Food Futures’ submission of an input to the update of Sweden’s Food Strategy 2.0, a seminar was held at the Swedish Parliament, hosted by the presiding parties – MP and KD – of the Environment and Agriculture Committee.

A food strategy is an important tool for creating a vision and common direction for a more secure and tasty future. Sweden has long been seen as a role model when it comes to sustainability. Continuing on this path ensures future competitiveness in a world that is transitioning to sustainable development and where future entrepreneurs focus on sustainable business models and achieve profitability without depleting natural capital.