WP6 - Hållbar produktion, förädling och konsumtion

The aim of WP6 is to identify and evaluate post-farm production systems with minimised GHG emissions and significantly reduced environmental impact and resource use. A second aim is to design supply chains delivering resource efficiency, safe food and improved product quality.

Research questions:

  • How should future food value chain be designed to contribute to a sustainable food system? What technologies, novel products, raw material use, packaging etc. have highest potential and how are they to be combined to deliver the best performance on systems level?
  • What is the potential in sustainability performance of the above systems?
  • How can improved sustainability performance be combined with increased food safety and food quality parameters, including nutritional quality?
  • How can different solutions, be it technological or organizational, be implemented in present structures and what solutions needs a longer timeframe and additional transitions of the system before becoming viable?
  • What are the risks of lock-in-effects of implementing novel solutions?
  • How are supply chain solutions sustainability performance affected by geography, surrounding systems and demography?